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Polished concrete floors is one of the greatest flooring solutions when considering the costs of keeping your floors clean. The right professional concrete contractor, like Cavado Concrete, can transform your flat, dull gray floors into a work of art! Polished concrete has become one of the more popular flooring solutions in the past 10 years, because it is cost efficient, clean and requires little maintenance or upkeep. The durable concrete material can withstand high foot traffic and constant wear, while the magnificent color and shine creates a modern, sleek and pleasing aesthetic in homes and businesses alike.

Cavado Concrete Polished Concrete Floors Southern NJ
Cavado Concrete Polished Concrete Floors Company Southern NJ

Polished Concrete Floors Design

In the past, people have shied away from polished concrete for flooring, because they did not realize the design capabilities the material has to offer. With recent technology advancements in concrete solutions, polished concrete has the ability to mimic expensive marble, classy tile or you can create something completely unique – the possibilities are truly endless. There are many different methods we employ at Cavado Concrete to achieve your polished concrete floors design. In some cases we will color the concrete slab before it is installed. For a more ornate look, we will texture and engrave the concrete surface before polishing. Finally, we can paint or stain existing concrete floors to achieve the look of tile. In most cases, the texture and color effects done by our professional concrete contractor company are so beautiful you cannot even tell it is concrete!

Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are a variety of reasons homeowners and businesses owners choose polished concrete floors over traditional flooring material such as wood, tile and linoleum. First, if you prefer a no-maintenance lifestyle, then polished concrete is perfect for you! Not only can this flooring choice be easily cleaned with soap and water, but waxing is completely unnecessary. Second, polished concrete is a safe flooring solution as it is slip-resistant. Finally, these floors are defect free! No longer will you have to worry about the kids or customers scratching up your brand-new floors; polished concrete does not leave crevices, stains, scratches or any other defects. It is the perfect flooring option for busy homes, businesses, warehouses and buildings.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Not only can Cavado Concrete transform your concrete floors from worn and drab to beautiful and glossy, but we can also install polished concrete over your existing floors using our polymer-based overlay systems. These decorative concrete overlays are easily installed over existing wood, vinyl or tile floors where the beauty of interior concrete is desired. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about ripping up and removing your current floors – we simply place and adhere the concrete over top! And just as if you’d started with concrete, your overlays are guaranteed to offer the durability, pristine appearance and low-maintenance you expect out of our professional concrete contractor company.

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