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Concrete Pavers: Installation & Maintenance in Southern NJ

Concrete pavers, also referred to as paving stones, allow you to transform a plain outdoor area into the stunning walkway, patio, driveway, entranceway, seating area or pool deck you’ve always wanted. Pavers are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and textures which provide the visual appeal of natural stones or bricks with the durability of concrete. Whether you desire old-world cobblestone, clay brick or a more contemporary design, choose from our variety of different styles of pavers that best compliment your home and harmonize with your existing color palette.

Concrete pavers fall into two categories: interlocking paver or architectural paver. Interlocking pavers are thick and durable, resembling brick, and are used for driveways as it can withstand the continued weight of a vehicle. Architectural pavers are more common for paths or patios where style is preferred over strength. Your hardscape needs will depend on the type of pavers Cavado Concrete will use. Either way, both options are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit your aesthetic needs.

Concrete Paver Installation in NJ

Cavado Concrete Concrete Pavers Installation in Southern NJ

At Cavado Concrete we use the most current paving technology equipment to ensure accurate placement and superior quality control. Concrete pavers are relatively easy to install, because they do not require cement or mortar. Although, it is necessary to spread a setting bed made of concrete sand, coarse washed concrete sand or granite stone dust to ensure the pavers lay even and to prevent cracking. Once the bed is in place it is time to lay the concrete pavers, and finally spreading a thin top layer of sand over the joints. Depending on the design complexity and square footage, concrete paver installation takes just a few days.

Benefit of Concrete Pavers

There are many benefits to using concrete pavers over other paving solutions including:

Cost Efficient: easy installation helps keep labor cost down
Design Flexibility: large variety of colors & textures
Low Maintenance: with regular upkeep your concrete pavers will last for many years
Long lasting and durable: able to withstand harsh winters

Call Cavado Concrete at 856-368-0201 to talk about concrete pavers installation or any other concrete needs your home or business may have. Based in Burlington County, NJ, we serve the surrounding areas and into Pennsylvania for your convenience.

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